What we do

Social justice immersion trips 

  • Young people in South Africa are often divided by race, class, and other factors due to our country’s history. But with these immersion trips, we can bridge these divides by educating youth on why this is so and help them understand their roles in their communities. Through these trips, we can create a more unified future for South Africa.

Youth Leadership Seminars

  • A time for youth leaders to come together, build relationships, share experiences, and gain knowledge and skills to become better leaders. They will have the opportunity to exchange ideas, learn from each other’s successes and challenges, and enjoy a time of fellowship together.

Leaders Retreat

  • Our retreats prioritize self-reflection in leadership. We help churches and organizations empower leaders to deepen their self-awareness, refine their leadership approach, and cultivate the mindset and behaviours needed to make a meaningful impact within their church, organizations and communities.

Sunday School Teacher Training

  • This is an opportunity to equip and train Sunday school teachers in various areas, such as lesson preparation, leadership, and more. We will provide them with the necessary tools to become effective teachers, as well as the confidence to lead their classes. By the end of this training, our Sunday school teachers will be more knowledgeable and better equipped to lead their classes.


  • Join UYD for an empowering leadership webinar series designed to inspire and equip current and aspiring leaders. Drawing from the wealth of experience possessed by seasoned youth workers, this transformative webinar will provide valuable insights, strategies, and lessons to help you excel in your leadership journey.

Congregational Training

  • This is a time where we gather to train specific denominations or churches and assist them to strengthen the church and their spiritual growth. These gatherings focus on building relationships, growing in knowledge of the Bible, and much more.¬†